Welcome to the CSACJ Studio
in Rushden in Northamptonshire

CSACJ has Relocated

Julia Rai has relocated to Rushden, Northamptonshire in the East Midlands region of England. CSACJ now stands for Central School of Art, Craft and Jewellery.

Julia will only take bookings for private one-to-one classes in her home studio during 2024. CSACJ will close at the end of 2024 as Julia is retiring.

You can still buy Dockyard Carving Tools and Deb Karash’s Little Black Block from the website while stocks last.

We stock Dockyard carving tools which are fantastic for carving wood, lino, silicone carving blocks, baked polymer clay and dry metal clay. They are the recommended brand by many metal clay artists and teachers.

This light weight Delrin bench block with a unique riveting pin has been invented by American jeweller Deb Karash and is an essential tools for anyone who travels to workshops or classes. It’s also a great tool for your studio, especially if you work in your own home. It is available in the UK exclusively from CSACJ!

Julia has recorded video tutorials for Craftcast and Jewellers Academy. She has also made some free videos showing various techniques which you may find interesting.

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