We're often asked which kiln we recommend for metal clay or glass artists to buy and it's always the Paragon SC2! We've had ours for years and you can imagine the amount of hours they are running, and they're still going strong. Incredibly reliable, they are small enough to fit into your home but large enough to take several shelves of metal clay or glass fusing items.

Blue SC-2 with a heat-resistant glass viewing-window, really useful if you like to peep in and see what's going on! Wear UV filter glasses if you do this to protect your eyes. The window is also very useful if you do enamelling so you can see when your piece is ready to remove.


The Paragon SC-2 is a low-cost plug-in kiln using a normal 13amp plug. It heats to a maximum of 1095℃. It's a square, ceramic-fibre, front-opening kiln, with an easy-to-use, eight segment ramp-hold, Sentry Xpress 3-key digital programmer.

The UK kiln is rated at 230V 1680W, so it can use a regular mains socket. It's small enough to use anywhere and it only weighs about 16Kg.

The outer steel case measures 336mm x 311mm x 400mm, and is slotted for air circulation: so it keeps cool. The door opens 180 degrees, so you won't burn your hand taking your work out. And there's a removable stopper in the top vent for processes that might release fumes. The ceramic-fibre firing chamber, enclosed in an inner steel case, measures 199mm x 204mm x 145mm internally, and heats from both sides, with the fast-firing elements safely embedded in the fibre.

Uniquely, our UK SC-2 kiln has a sheathed thermocouple which prevents the possible corrosion, and eventual failure, of the bi-metallic tip usually caused by gases produced whilst heating some types of glass. The electronic display prompts for heating rate, target temperature, and hold time, making it easy to set up and re-use accurate drying, heating, holding, and cooling sequences.

The Paragon SC2 allows you to work with Art Clay Silver and PMC silver clay, all the brands of Bronze and Copper clays and Hadar's Steel Clay. Some brands of bronze and copper clay need to be embedded in activated charcoal granules in a stainless steel container: the SC-2 can hold a one-litre container. It's useful for bead annealing, china paint, dichroic glass, enamels, glass fusing, sagging, and slumping and low-fire ceramics.

The Paragon SC2 is probably the most popular small kiln in the UK and ideal for a small business or studio. It's larger than the mini-kiln, and large enough to do batch work, particularly for firing silver clay, doing namelling, and fusing small pieces of glass.

It has a digital programmer which allows you to programme the kiln and then leave it to fire your metal clay perfectly. It also has a very useful ramp function which is essential for glass fusing and slumping or if you want to include glass in your metal clay work.

There's a recommended furniture kit, included in the price: one 178mm x 178mm x 15mm cordierite shelf and four 12mm shelf posts.

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Paragon SC2 with Window

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