Protecting our Students from Covid-19

Covid-19 is now a part of our lives and keeping students safe is our top priority. We’ve been working hard since the Government eased the travel and lock down rules to get ready to welcome students back to the studio.

Class numbers are limited to five students except for the master classes. After every class, cleaning and sanitisation will be carried out on all tools, resources, equipment and surfaces to ensure it is ready for the next students. No classes are run back-to-back and there are always several days between different classes so you can be sure that everything is safe for your class. Increased cleaning of the studio surfaces, tools and equipment, floors and sink area, a disposable rubbish bag on each desk and thorough airing after every class ensure that it is ready for each new set of students. 

In the images above you can get a sneak-peek at the plastic cubicles that will protect each student from Covid-19 while they learn. We’ve followed the Government guidance on barriers and distancing and implemented the recommendations to protect students and tutors from Covid-19. Even though the social distance has been reduced to 1m, there is enough space in the studio to keep more than 1m away from others when you are not at your desk. You can maintain the distance that’s comfortable for you at all times.

The measures we’ve put in place include:-

  • Clear plastic barriers from the ceiling to the desk on three sides of each student’s work table
  • Reduced class sizes to ensure social distancing is maintained when students are moving around
  • Providing individual tools and equipment with no sharing 
  • Giving students the ability to wash their hands with soap and hot water as often as they like right in the studio
  • Masks and disposable gloves for any students who want to use them and didn’t bring their own
  • Hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes in each student work area

Every student will have a freshly laundered apron on the chair, individual tools including all the basic tools needed for the class, a hotplate, a selection of textures and cutters, drills, tweezers etc.

Special procedures for firing pieces are in place to ensure not just safety for hot work but also closer proximity. Torch firing will be limited to one item per person so you get the practice and everything else will be kiln fired. The tutor will wear a mask and keep a safe distance while coaching you during firing. Anyone who would rather not torch fire can have their pieces kiln fired.

You can see everything that’s going on through the plastic barriers but still remain safe. Friends can see and speak to each other and meeting new people is safe as you’re enclosed on three sides while you work.

The studio has large windows letting in lots of light and when the weather is fine the windows will be open allowing fresh air in to help protect everyone from Covid-19. Even in bad weather, the studio is large enough to allow social distancing to keep you safe.

Every work desk has hand sanitiser in an airless pump bottle – meaning it is completely sanitary – and anti-bacterial wipes so you can wipe down anything before and after you touch it if necessary. Desks, chairs, tools and equipment will be sanitised after each class but giving you your own wipes means you can also protect yourself if you are concerned.

An individual rubbish bag allows you to dispose of anything you need to and you will throw this away on your way out from the class. You’ll even have your own mini shop right on the desk in case you want to buy ear wires etc.

The College has implemented precautions in corridors and the toilets to protect everyone. With wide corridors you can pass others safely and fewer College students provide more security as you move around.

Covid-19 will be with us for a while but we’re ready for it. We’re looking forward to welcoming you from July 2020 to a safe and happy learning environment. Book with confidence!