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Here are some images of the CSACJ studio

The CSACJ studio is on the St Austell campus of Cornwall College. The campus is lively and busy during term time and calm and peaceful during the college holidays!

Hot Work

The room is zoned and has plenty of room to spread out. There is a hot area which has kilns and soldering or firing stations. At CSACJ we are committed to the safety of our students so keeping the hot stuff away from traffic areas and work stations guarantees a safe learning experience. 

Likewise, spinning equipment is kept in a specific area and only brought into use when the tutor is available to supervise. 


We have a small kitchen area with hot and cold running water, a fridge, microwave, kettle and coffee maker. We always have fresh milk in the fridge – which sometimes has to share the space with metal clay that needs to be kept cold! If you are coming to CSACJ for a day class or longer, you can use the fridge to store your lunch or food for a number of days. Some students find this very useful as they can buy groceries to make themselves a sandwich each day they are at the school. Tea and coffee are provided at the school.

We recycle cardboard, plastic, paper and glass.

Relaxing Area

We have an area where you can relax and browse our library of books and magazines or eat your lunch. 


There is a small shop in the studio. This has some basic tools, metal clay, syringe and other components. You can also buy Julia’s book in our shop. We accept debit and credit cards through Paypal or cash.

Have a look at the pictures of our studio and if you have any questions, please contact us, we’re always happy to help. 

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