Iwona Tamborska - metal clay and Sterling master class tutor

Iwona Tamborska

The work of Polish art jeweler Iwona Tamborska is mostly recognized by the use of insects as part of the jewelry. She creates in a style inspired by the early XX century art, calling it “the new Art Nouveau”. Her creations often have highly detailed scenes, that are full of hidden meanings.  

She specializes in fusing traditional jewelry techniques with metal clay techniques. She uses an art name “Rękami Stworzone”, which in Polish means “Hand Created”. Iwona has been promoting the metal clay technique all over the world: in a National Museum in China during a jewelry exhibition (2018), as a resident metal clay teacher in Sydney Art School (Australia), she has been invited to do shows during the “Night of The Goldsmiths” in a Goldsmithing Art Museum (Poland) and during an annual meeting of the Goldsmithing Artists Association and has also been cooperating with the National Art Museum in Krakow (Poland) during a fashion exhibition, published as one of the most interesting current jewelry designers in the French book of Designer’s Directory. She has a small number of TV and radio interviews on her account but is mostly proud of a short comic book based on her life path, published by her ex university.  

Put all that aside and you get a funny nerd-girl who spends all her days wearing sweat-pants in her tiny workshop and chasing away chinchilla from her desktop. She is a huge fan of cartoons (Rick and Morty, My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic) and all jelly beans.

“I don’t think of myself as a “jewelry maker”. I think of myself as a “storyteller”, only those stories are written in silver. Making jewelry is a form of art to me. A way I tell stories to other people, a way I show how I see the world. I have the highest respect towards nature’s creations and try to show its beauty to other people, therefore my strong inspiration on jewelry have always been insects.”

Below you can view some videos featuring Iwona and her work.