• Texture Making Private Class

In this one day beginner level class, you will explore two processes for making your own texture tiles and plates. The textures you will make are perfect for use with metal clay, polymer clay and rolling mills. When you first work with metal and polymer clay, commercial texture tiles are a great place to start. As you progress, being able to make your own textures can really add a new dimension to your designs and opens up a whole new way of working.

In this class you’ll learn two key techniques for making textures, allowing you to make a wide range of unique designs. Photo Polymer Plates allow you to take black and white line designs and create unique deep texture plates for your metal or polymer clay. Imagine having your own designs in reusable rubber stamps. The 'tear away' technique allows you to make low relief texture sheets which are ideal for use with Keum-Boo.

No metal clay or jewellery pieces will be produced on this course as the whole day will be used to focus on texture making.  This class will cover:

  • Choosing and preparing your artwork
  • Copyright and sourcing suitable images or creating your own
  • Tools, materials and equipment required
  • The Photo Polymer Plate making process
  • The “Tear Away” technique
  • Safety aspects of these processes
  • How to use the finished textures with metal clay
  • Storage and life expectancy of finished textures

At the end of the class, you will be fully equipped to go home and make your own textures. Acquiring this skill will extend your design options and really set your work apart from others.

Optional Student Preparation

We will supply black and white images in all formats for you to practice these processes but if you’d like to bring your own images, please do. For Photo Polymer Plates, dense black images printed onto transparent acetates are required. For the tear away technique, your images printed onto A4 sheets will be copied using a special photocopier. To get copies of your own designs, we will charge £1 per A4 sheet so make sure you fill the sheet with designs

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Texture Making Private Class

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