Certified PMC® Instructor Julia Rai teaches the Camp PMC Courses at CSACJ. You can take these courses on a scheduled date or book a private course with Julia.

There are several benefits to taking the Camp PMC courses. If you want to make metal clay your business, the Camp PMC certification provides a world-wide, recognised qualification, administered by the official education partner, the PMC Studio in the UK and Europe. The qualification has been developed in association with the manufacturers of PMC, Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corporation so you know it is worth getting. You also know you have the backing of a world-wide network of other artists, the official distributors of PMC and the manufacturer.

Having this qualification gives your customers some assurance of your skills and gives you credibility as a metal clay artist.

Once you pass each stage, you are eligible for discounts on PMC products from the official distributors. The discount increases at each stage you pass. The beginner level, Camp PMC 101 gives you discount of 10% on PMC products with Cooksongold in the UK.

The qualification requires you to produce a number of pieces of jewellery to a specific standard at each stage. This means that you will learn new techniques and improve your own standard of work.

Financial benefits

Before you book a precious metal clay qualification course, compare the total costs. Really consider the benefits and merits of each and decide what you want. Look at the skills learned, the techniques covered and think about the value for money. Also consider the lifetime financial benefits of the qualifications against other metal clay qualification courses. Make sure you spend your hard earned money on something that is worth getting.

If you have any questions, Julia is happy to discuss these with you. Call her on the number above or send an email through our contact page.

The Camp PMC® Certification Program

Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corporation are the sponsors of Camp PMC®. They are the manufacturers of Precious Metal Clay. Camp PMC® is a global PMC Certification program. The course runs in conjunction with official regional partners. The Camp PMC® Certification Program is a personal learning experience. It has been designed with separate development paths for metal clay artisans and metal clay instructors. The core class is Camp PMC 101. After successful completion, you can choose to advance your metal clay skills, become a PMC® Instructor or both.

Successful completion of the Camp PMC 101 course results in a 10% discount on PMC® clays at The PMC Studio and Cooksongold. You can then take the artisan classes which include speciality techniques allowing you to learn additional skills These include using glass with metal clay, enameling on metal clay, stone setting, and much more!

Instructor classes

Instructor classes include two levels, PMC® Instructor and PMC® Principal Instructor. PMC® Instructors will be eligible to teach Camp PMC® Course 101. PMC® Principal Instructors will be eligible to teach PMC® Instructor Course 201.

After you have successfully completed the Camp PMC® Course 101, you are ready to progress to the next step. This is the PMC® Instructor Course 201. It entitles you to receive a 20% discount on PMC® clays at The PMC Studio and Cooksongold.

The PMC Studio will issue you a Certificate of Completion when you pass each course. Always retain a copy of the certificate so you can receive the discounts and provide proof of the prerequisites for other courses.

Artisan Benefits:
10% Discount on all PMC® clays at The PMC Studio and Cooksongold
Superior education experience delivered by certified instructors with required annual education.
Recognized certificate issued by The PMC Studio upon completion so you can validate your skills.