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Join master metal clay artist Julia Rai, and learn how to take your skills at making bails to the next level.

Julia recorded this class for Craftcast.

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What’s is this class about?

Most beginners learn to punch or drill a hole in a flat pendant. Just add a jump ring and thread a chain on to wear their piece with pride. It’s the quickest and easiest way to finish a fired pendant and works well on an assortment of pieces.

As your experience with metal clay grows, you’ll want more choices on how you finish your pendants.

In this class, Julia will outline various types of bails ; hidden, visible, fixed, floating, plain, fancy, and even a bit quirky! Starting with the same flat pendant piece, she will show you how to vary the design just by changing the bail in multiple ways. She will demonstrate how to make sample bails that you can keep in the dry stage to try out on your designs to help you decide what works best. And she’ll show you when using a jump ring – or more than one – can elevate your work beyond the basic into the brilliant.

What will  I learn in this bails class?

  • Overview of bail types
  • Designing and making different bails
  • How to choose which bail to use
  • Options for non-flat pendants
  • Attaching bails to a pendant piece
  • Firing and polishing tips


BONUS Video – In the bonus video, Julia will show you how to add different types of bails to dimensional pieces and how to make rollover bails. Other bail options will be shown, plus some of her heavier pendant pieces and the bails she created for them.

Included with the video download, a PDF with photos, notes, and all the resources you need to get started.

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