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In this relaxed one day private beginners metal clay class, you’ll learn how to work with silver metal clay with Julia Rai. Julia is an experienced metal clay artist, writer and tutor and she will guide you every step of the way. During the day you will make a pair of earrings, a moulded charm and a pendant. You’ll also have enough material to make at least one other item to your own design using silver clay.

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In this relaxed one day metal clay beginners class, you’ll learn how to work with silver metal clay with Julia Rai. Julia is an experienced metal clay artist, writer and tutor and she will guide you every step of the way.

Level: No previous experience required, metal clay beginners are welcome

Timings: 10am – 5pm

Course Outline

This one day private metal clay beginners course will introduce you to silver clay through some simple projects in a relaxed atmosphere. During the day you’ll make a couple of jewellery pieces to learn the basics. And you’ll have enough material to make at least one other item using silver clay. This means that once you know what silver clay can do, you can have some fun with it!

This introduction to silver metal clay course is for metal clay beginners. Anyone new to the fantastic medium of metal clay will learn what it can do on this class. No previous experience of metal clay or jewellery making is needed. You’ll be guided by Julia Rai who is an experienced metal clay tutor with many years experience. We guarantee you’ll come out with some great jewellery.

The emphasis will be on building confidence working with metal clay at your own pace and focusing on fun. First, you’ll learn how to make a simple pendant or earrings. Then you’ll learn to make silicon moulds of small objects like shells or buttons.

You’ll learn how important refining your piece is before firing it. A complete safety briefing will be given before you use a butane torch to fire your creations. Finally, you’ll see the magical transformation when you polish your pieces.

Once you’ve got a bit of confidence using metal clay, then you can begin to really play and create your own designs during the afternoon.

What skills will you learn?

During the day, you’ll learn the following skills:-

  • Rolling out and texturing the clay
  • Cutting and punching holes into the clay
  • Drying and refining your work
  • Firing the pieces using a butane torch
  • Polishing and finishing your work
  • Making moulded charms


You will learn how to fire and finish your creations all ready to put them on ear wires or chains at the end of the class. Even complete metal clay beginners with no jewellery making experience leave the class thrilled with what they’ve made.

Julia will help you to create beautiful fine silver jewellery in whatever style you choose. All the equipment you need will be provided and there will be some tools and clay to buy if you want to continue creating as soon as you get home. By the end of the day you’ll have enough knowledge and confidence to create unique pieces of jewellery using metal clay!

This course is particularly suitable for people who need a bit more time to learn new things or who have limitations with manual dexterity. There is no pressure and Julia will work with individuals at their own pace to ensure they achieve their goals for the day.

How much silver clay is included in the price?

The course cost includes enough silver metal clay to create the basic projects and a few other items of your choice. You’ll also have a sterling silver chain and a pair of earring wires to hang your creations – you can wear them to go home!

Please read the CSACJ terms and conditions before booking a class or course.

35 reviews for Metal Clay Private Beginners Class

  1. Rebecca

    Had the most amazing day at CSACJ with a fantastic tutor, thank you Julia Rai. Thank you also to my wonderful husband for my super birthday surprise.

  2. Claire J

    Thank you Julia, I had a wonderful day and learnt so much!!! Looking forward to returning to learn more skills!!

  3. Hazel

    I did the beginners metal clay day yesterday, everything was covid safe and set out ready for us. Julia is a great teacher and I feel I learned a great deal, much more than I expected. We had a fabulous, fun day and came away with lots of our own 1st clay pieces, and a tonne of inspiration! Looking forward to booking another class soon. Thank you. x

  4. Julie

    I recommend anyone booking onto one of Julia’s sessions. I had no experience of jewellery making prior to my one day beginners class. It was such a great day and I’ve come away with some lovely jewellery to wear. Julia helped me through every step, showing me multiple techniques to produce different styles. She is patient, helpful, knowledgeable and great company. Thanks so much Julia, I’ll be back again soon for more!

  5. Amber Barry

    I attended a metal clay workshop with Julia and it turned out I was the only one enrolled in the class and she ran the class anyway! I wasn’t expecting to have a 1:1 session so it was even better! Julia is very knowledgeable and explains things simply so it is very easy to understand. Julia helped me to challenge myself and I was able to create some pieces that I’m very happy with. I would love too work with her again!

  6. Julie

    Wonderful work space. Loved being about to take home an actual piece of jewellery.

  7. Kathy

    It was lovely to go home with finished pieces having learnt a variety of techniques.

  8. Tanya Banfield

    Julia was very knowledgable and led the class in a relaxed, non scary way. I produced work today that I could not have imagined producing so early into the learning process. Loved being able to play with texture plates. Book to attend a workshop, you won’t be disappointed.

  9. Emma

    Julia was very friendly helpful and knowledgable. Well laid out room.

  10. Andrea

    Julia was very welcoming and encouraging. A fantastic start to give me a new hobby, will definitely recommend to others. Was great to learn a new craft and watch the changes in the metal clay with each process.

  11. Alison

    Julia is very approachable and knowledgeable.

  12. Mandy

    Very informative, interesting and great fun to make and take home pendants

  13. Steve

    Great to have hands on and take home finished work.

  14. Sophie

    Lovely relaxing time, nice to take something home! I took a very personal piece of jewellery home with me. Julia is a fantastically positive teacher.

  15. Jo

    It was great to spend time with my daughters doing something we all enjoy. Julia is friendly and easy to talk to.

  16. Kirsty

    I had lots of lovely things to take home. Julia is very good at supervising individuals at different stages of the process.

  17. Kerri Powell

    Brilliant! I’ll be back!

  18. Phil Smith

    Excellent day

  19. Naomi

    Loved the flexibility of style and the speed to suit everyone. Lovely surroundings, peaceful place to be. Julia gives a great level of instruction and fun.

  20. Laura

    A really nicely balanced class. I feel I’ve learnt a lot, have some lovely things to take home and have been led through the day by an expert. A great class, well taught and fun!

  21. Sheilagh Webb

    What a lovely day. Julia was really helpful and supportive and I left feeling I had learnt and achieved a great deal. Thankyou Julia, you were very patient and gave me confidence. Lovely relaxed working environment with good space and light.

  22. Julie Griffin

    Really enjoyed this class, will come back again and bring along my daughter. Brilliant facilities, well maintained, very professional but also a very welcoming atmosphere. Really great instructor, very approachable and very knowledgeable, friendly.

  23. Angela

    Well planned, easy to understand, well executed and excellent results for a beginners class.

  24. C Walker

    Took home a necklace and earrings!

  25. Shelley Higgins

    Enjoyed working with the clay, learning a new skill. The possibilities are endless.

  26. Julie Moody

    Julia is an excellent tutor. Happy to share knowledge. Took time to explain things fully. As a beginner I was really pleased with the end projects that were achieved within the time frame. Excellent facilities, nice friendly atmosphere. Lots of examples around and Julia happy to share her wealth of knowledge.

  27. Kim

    Julia is knowledgeable beyond the requirements of the class, which enabled a more thorough depth to the learning. Learning a new craft in a friendly supportive environment was great.

  28. Lucy Symons

    Excellent class, thoroughly enjoyed and feel confident in producing solo projects going forward. Best part was learning and understanding this new medium in jewellery making and being able to take away pieces I am proud to wear!

  29. Olivia

    Loved being able to take my jewellery home

  30. Hannah Hunt

    Julia is very personable and open. Loved all of it, Really great day.

  31. Chris Warren

    Loved taking home jewellery I have made myself

  32. Sophie Hastings

    Learned new things with a teacher who was very patient and very helpful and very approachable. She was lovely, always happy to help. Very good teacher.

  33. Rena-Denise Lewis

    All was very enjoyable.

  34. Jilly

    Loved the transformation to silver and texturing.

  35. Bella Tapp

    Loved trying something new in a constructive environment.

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