An essential item if you have Dockyard carving tools and want to keep them sharp.

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The Dockyard stropping kit is essential if you own any Dockyard micro carving tools. Regular sharpening will keep them in optimal condition. The kit comes in a handy case and includes the sharpening compound. The video below shows what is in the kit. It also shows you how to use the kit to keep your Dockyard tools sharp.

This video shows how to use the Dockyard Stropping kit

Importance of Keeping Tools Sharp

New carving tools will be sharp and will cleanly and nicely cut anything you need them to. Over time and with use, a carving tool will lose its sharp edge. To perform at its best it will require sharpening. The sharpening strop can be used to sharpen all Dockyard micro carving tools. Remove burs in the sharp edge and hone the cutting edge of gouges using the sharpening strop.

Learn How to Carve

Dockyard carving tools are great for creating your own unique textures to use with metal clay or polymer clay. Carved textures tend to be deeper than other self made texture plates so are especially good for enamelling or adding other types of colour to your finished jewellery.

Julia teaches carving unique textures as part of the texture making class available at CSACJ. If you are particularly interested in learning how to carve, contact Julia to organise a private day with her focusing on carving. This will cover carving dry metal clay, baked polymer clay, silicone blocks and even erasers.


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