This one day private class will cover making fingerprint jewellery. This could be for your personal use or maybe to start a keepsake jewellery business. It will also cover making handprint and footprint jewellery using inkless wipes, children’s art work and photopolymer plates.

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This one day private class will cover making finger print jewellery. This could be for your personal use or maybe to start a keepsake jewellery business. It will also cover making hand and foot print jewellery using inkless wipes and photopolymer plates. The one day class is an intermediate level metal clay class and assumes you know how to work with silver metal clay. Don’t know how to work with metal clay? No problem! Just book a separate one day private class to learn the basics of making jewellery with metal clay. You can do these classes back-to-back if you are travelling from a distance or book them at intervals. Or come on one of our scheduled metal clay taster classes or a beginners metal clay classContact Julia to book suitable dates.

Students will get the most from this class if they bring along their own laptop or tablet with some form of image manipulation programme installed. Julia uses Adobe Photoshop Elements 15.

How to Book a Private Finger Print Jewellery Class

This class can be booked to run at a time that’s convenient to you and our principle tutor Julia RaiContact the school before booking travel or accommodation to ensure that the dates you’d like to do the class are available as Julia gets booked up very quickly. If you are flexible, you can book and pay for the class using our secure booking system and Julia will contact you to confirm the dates.

What are Inkless Wipes?

Inkless wipes are a clean and easy way to get hand and foot prints from babies and children which are then scanned into a computer, reduced in size and printed for use with photopolymer plates. You can also use inkless wipes to capture fingerprints from adults or children. They are often used for memorial jewellery. Learning how to make handprint jewellery will open up a whole new world for you. And once you know how to make footprint jewellery, you can offer this to friends and family. Or maybe start a new business.

What are Photopolymer Plates?

Photopolymer plates, also known as PPP, allow you to turn images into textures. In this class you’ll learn how to take black and white images and create unique texture plates to use with metal clay. This technique is not limited to hand or footprint jewellery, it can be applied to children’s drawings. Capturing a favourite drawing or painting by your child and creating a piece of jewellery from it is a great gift.

The class will cover working with inkless wipes or simple drawings, scanning, reducing, enhancing and printing images. Bring your own laptop or tablet to get the most from this fingerprint jewellery training. Once you’ve done the work in the computer, you’ll learn photopolymer plate production and use with silver metal clay.

If you work with metal clay, you can also use photopolymer plates to create your own unique textures. This will elevate your creativity and allow you to produce totally unique jewellery.

Direct Finger Print in Metal Clay

This fingerprint jewellery training will also cover the theory of taking a direct finger imprint into silver clay, engraving names and words onto the clay, finishing, firing and polishing the finished jewellery. You will not make any metal clay pieces on this class but there will be samples to handle. Julia will cover the tools, techniques and all the ins and outs of each step.

The class includes all materials to make photopolymer plates from inkless wipes. Bring along a child’s drawing or painting if you’d also like to use this as an example.

Full notes will be provided for all the techniques covered on this class. Making photopolymer plates is also covered on our one day texture making class here at CSACJ.