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Learn to combine glass cabochons and metal clay with Julia Rai is an online class. Julia recorded this class for Craftcast.

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Join master metal clay artist, Julia Rai and learn a number of ways to successfully combine sparkling glass cabochons into your metal clay pieces.

What’s is this class about?

Julia will show you step-by-step three design ideas for earrings using smaller glass cabochons as well as how to incorporate larger pieces of glass into pendants.

Learn Julia’s techniques for securing the glass cabochons using a variety of embellishment designs. Julia will explain how they differ, whether they are purely decorative or are required to hold the glass in place.

When co-firing glass and metal clay, you need to have a kiln so you can control the heating and cooling of the piece. It also requires a very specific time and temperature to ensure the glass doesn’t begin to melt.

What will  I learn in this class?

  • Design considerations when co-firing glass and metal clay
  • Alternative ways of ensuring a strong setting for the glass
  • Decorative settings that can also be used for fire in place stones
  • Making and securing decorative pendant bails
  • Basic glass fusing tools and techniques

BONUS Video – Julia demonstrates how to make some basic fused glass cabochons of your own. It’s pretty easy to make your own simple cabochons if you have a kiln, but if you are working in your home there are significant safety considerations. The bonus video will cover these as well as the basic equipment needed, as well choosing the correct glass to fuse and how to cut glass safely. Firing schedules will also be covered.

Included in your purchase is a PDF with online resources plus a class video to watch as many times as you like.

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