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Learn to create easy summertime metal clay charms with Julia Rai is an online class. Julia recorded this class for Craftcast.

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Join Alison Lee and master metal clay artist, Julia Rai and learn how to create these unique summertime metal clay charms.

What’s is this class about?

Metal clay is a great medium to make your own unique jewelry. In this class, metal clay expert Julia Rai will introduce complete beginners to the wonderful world of metal clay.

This class assumes no prior metal clay knowledge so the basics of storing, handling, rehydrating and working with metal clay will be covered. Julia will also show you cheap and easy ways to work with metal clay without buying expensive tools.

The class will focus on making moulds of small items – like shells and buttons – and then using metal clay to create unique charm sized solid silver pieces. You’ll also learn to set a simple fire-in-place faceted stone. You’ll find out how many moulded pieces you can get from a 7g package of fine silver metal clay so you can try it out with minimal cost. Make your own charms to hang on a bracelet or make wonderful earrings, small pendants or beautiful gifts for friends and family.

What will  I learn in this class?

  • Choosing items to mould
  • Creating moulds using two-part silicone moulding compound
  • Basics of silver metal clay
  • How to keep silver metal clay in good condition
  • How to recognise when the clay is too dry
  • Using moulds with silver clay
  • Creating dimension in flat moulded pieces
  • Simple fire-in-place stone setting
  • How to drill holes in dry pieces
  • Refining dry pieces to create unique features
  • Firing silver clay with a butane torch
  • Polishing and adding findings
  • Use of patina to make textures pop
  • Adding a half drilled bead or pearl after firing

BONUS Video – Learn how to add half drilled pearls or beads to moulded elements.

Included in your purchase is a PDF with online resources plus a class video to watch as many times as you like.

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