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Learn to make Penannular Forms in Metal Clay with Julia Rai is an online class. Julia recorded this class for Craftcast.

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Join Alison Lee and master Metal Clay artist Julia Rai and learn how to make penannular forms using metal clay.

This beginner to intermediate metal clay class covers  how you can make a penannular form from metal clay to use as a brooch or pendant.

What’s the Penannular Forms Class about?

The penannular form is an open ring, normally with decorative terminals, and is often seen in Celtic brooches from the early Medieval period (the late 5th or early 6th century to the 10th century AD) in the British Isles. They were used by men and women to fasten clothes and some examples are very large and ornate.

In this class, you’ll learn two techniques for making penannular form jewelry.

Brooch and Pendant

Penannular brooches feature a long pin attached to the open ring which freely moves around the ring as far as the terminals. The terminals are close together and the gap between the terminals is wide enough for the pin to pass through. They are particularly good for wearing on heavy woolens or woven fabrics.

Julia will show you how to make two hollow penannular brooches and two solid crescent ring-shaped pendants in this class. Both brooches will have decorative terminals that allow the artist to theme the pieces and really have some fun. The brooches require a strong clay, especially for the pin, so a Sterling clay or one of the enriched clays is recommended. This will require kiln firing.

The pendants can be made in any type of metal clay and can be torch or kiln fired, depending on the size, the clay used, and the manufacturer’s instructions. One pendant will have a fixed bail and one will have a floating bail.

BONUS VIDEO Julia will demonstrate how to add color to the terminals of the penannular brooch using acrylic paint that is then sealed with UV resin.

Included in your purchase is a PDF with online resources plus a class video to watch as many times as you like.

No experience necessary.

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