The Plough tools are sharpened like a wood chisel so are great for cutting grooves of a consistent width or straight sided holes. They are also great to mark a clear end point when you are carving longer lines.

These great carving tools are designed for wood carving but they are fantastic for carving into dry metal clay, baked polymer clay, erasers and lino. They are highly recommended by metal clay artists all over the world and we use them here at the school in a number of classes.

The Dockyard tools all have the same cherry wood handle which is about four inches long and is a hexagon design. The overall length of the tools is about 5.5 inches. These tools are great for detail work. They also work well for all kinds of carving because of the small size and varied tool shapes.

All tools are posted with a short piece of urethane tubing over the cutting end to protect the tool while shipping and until you decide how you will store them. The tools are very sharp when they leave the factory so take care when you use them. Always carve away from your hands and fingers and store out of the reach of children. The Dockyard micro carving tools are made in the USA.

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Dockyard Carving Tool 1.5mm Deep Plough

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