Tutorials and Videos

Julia Rai has written a number of tutorials for UK magazines which you can view by visiting her website here. She has also created some videos which you can view by clicking these links.

The Tear Away Technique

Experiments with PMC Flex Video, September 2014

More Experiments with PMC Flex Video, September 2014

Check out Julia's video classes on the Craftcast website. There is a small cost for these but once you have paid, you can access them forever. 

Hand Moulded Metal Clay Pods

Silver clay is a great material for making hand-molded forms. In this class, you’ll learn how to create organic pod forms quickly and easily. Even complete beginners can use silver clay to create these forms which make great components for jewelry. Read more...

Adding Colour to Metal

In this packed class, Julia will cover adding colour to metal using a wide variety of methods. 

See all the different results you can get using glass, ceramic, acrylic and effect paints, as well as powders and metallic acrylics. And wait till you see what you can do with resins. Read more...